Wednesday, 6 June, 2012

Finance Industry notifies interim anti-dumping duty on digital offset plates

Naresh Khanna

In a communication received by us on the evening of 5 June 2012, we learnt that the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India has on 4 June 2012 notified the anti-dumping duty basically following the findings and guidelines recommended by the interim findings of the anti-dumping commission of the Ministry of Commerce. The only modification that we notice is a formula to convert the various thicknesses of offset plates taking into account that 1.318 square metres of aluminium offset digital plate is equal to 1 kilogram. This is apparently to take care of the fact that imported CtP plates subject to the anti-dumping duty are imported in varying thicknesses.

The anti-dumping duty is notified on the basis of the US$ prices per square metre as given in the preliminary findings. However the anti-dumping duty imposed under this notification (Notification No. 31/2012-Customs (ADD) New Delhi, the 4th June, 2012) shall be effective for a period not exceeding six months from the publication of this notification in the Official Gazette and shall be payable in Indian Rupees.
Our view:
It is hoped that the final findings that were expected to be delivered by 1 June 2012 will actually be delivered sooner than later and that they will take into account the various anomalies pointed out by the concerned parties during the open hearings and in submissions thereafter by the concerned parties and several medium and large printers across the country. We also hope that the fragmented printed industry will continue to come together to discuss this issue and to make their views known to the anti-dumping commission. Meanwhile all imports of CtP plates are immediately subject to the given rates given in US$ and to be paid in the currently equivalent Indian Rupees.

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