Monday, 12 December, 2011

Gearing up for drupa 2012

As I write this, a presentation from the organisers of drupa 2012 is taking place in Bangalore. The Bangalore event today will be followed by a similar event tomorrow at the Hotel Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, which will be covered by Indian Printer and Publisher. Both these events have already received massive registrations reflecting the importance of the event for the Indian print industry.

Indian Printer and Publisher is honoured to be a drupa media partner again. For us this has meant that we have tried to maximise and optimise the participation of both Indian visitors and exhibitors at the single largest and most important printing show in the world. Right from the first drupa in which we were media partners, we developed the concept and brand TeamIndia@drupa. We have also tried to present an Indian and Asian point of view to an industry that often seems obsessed with the gloom and doom for print in the developed economies in the West.

The idea has been that we must turn this important event into a knowledge event so that those who visit and those who cannot for various reasons should get the most out of the time, effort and expense to the industry as a whole. And also that we need to support the Indian exhibitors in their efforts to present and export their equipment to the rest of the world. Our manufacturers are strong because the Indian printers are a good market for them to develop and test their equipment. And their equipment improves to a large extent because they have to have a benchmark standard in order to export.

Thus, apart from being the technology window for Indian printers we want to be the platform that presents Indian equipment, software and consumables to the world print market. Our magazines and our websites are seen by the whole world as the collective and quality platform of the Indian printing industry. Our magazines can be outspoken and critical but together with our conferences, research and ethical consultancy activities they have contributed greatly to the print community of the subcontinent.

As drupa media partners we will fully participate in various press events where international companies share what they will bring to the event. Additionally we will create a Facebook community led by Indian printers and manufacturers for the event and an Print Asia@drupa blog for ongoing discussion before and after the event. The idea is to optimise the effort of the entire industry and the need for it to act responsibly and maturely — to foster the spirit of helping each other to realise the goals of growth and excellence. We look forward to your feedback.

We would also like to encourage the Indian printing community, especially those who are going to drupa '12, to come together and start using the TeamIndia@drupa logo on their websites, brochures, catalogues and other products. We believe this would help promote the Indian print industry as a whole on an unified platform, and project us as an active, ever-growing and fast evolving community to the world! You can click here to download a high-resolution version of the TeamIndia@drupa logo.

- Avinandan Mukherjee

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