Wednesday, 19 August, 2009

Are we finally getting somewhere?

There is an old Laurel and Hardy movie where the two protagonists are carrying luggage and trying to find their way out of a maze (a gazebo made of hedges). After a great deal of going back and forth and around one corner and another and they come to some kind of a signpost. We know they are hopelessly lost but one of them says, "Now we're finally getting somewhere!"

This a bit like what I am feeling after trying to become a blogger for the last 20 months. We have made many fits and starts and are now more or less realising that its simpler than we thought. The technology is not that tough (after all every one is doing it) and that all the features that we need to create blogs for our print community are easily available and downloadable.

We expect in the next few days to invite our industry friends to take part in this and one other blog which will be a how to or technical blog on printing, colour management and standardisation. So instead of these sporadic sputtering get ready for day to blogs and comments from the print community in India and Asia.

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